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Geosoftware Development


Tailoring seismic to specific reservoir needs, many times require tools which are not commercially available. For this reason, over the years we have worked on conceptualization, prototyping, development, and commercial use of a variety of software applications for reservoir characterization aimed to solve actual problems of our day-to-day project work. These applications complement the work that can be performed with commercial platforms and we plan to make them commercially available through our sister company Seispetro Geosoftware


Here is a list of software commercially available:

  • Multimineral petrophysical modeling (iMineralysis™) based on stochastic, genetic nonlinear optimization for areas of complex fluids and lithologies. Available for download through Seispetro Geosoftware.

  • Facies probabilities estimation using inverted elastic properties from conventional and/or 3D-3C multicomponent seismic data. Available as a Skua-Gocad® plugin.

  • Natural fractures intensity, orientation and Fisher coefficient (anisotropy) estimation from 3D poststack seismic data. Available as a Skua-Gocad® plugin.

  • Effective fracture permeability anisotropy upscaling including effects of stress and geometrical information from seismic data. See our calculator for a proof of concept.

  • Various algorithms to extract fracture information from 2D surfaces (strain, curvature, local orientations, intensities, Fisher coefficient). Available as a Skua-Gocad® plugins. 2D surfaces can be extracted from seismic data or a dense set of formation tops.

  • Various Skua-Gocad® plugins to display fracture planes.

  • 2D modeling of production data based on different geologic drivers in the form of maps. Available as a Skua-Gocad® plugin. 

  • Seismic constrained facies modeling using error estimates.

  • Seismic constrained fracture modeling (continuous and discrete) for joints and sub-seismic faults.     

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