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Technical Journals

Cheng, L., Jin, G., Michelena, R., and Tura, A., 2022, Practical Bayesian Inversions for Rock Composition and Petrophysical Endpoints in Multimineral Analysis: SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, SPE-210576-PA, 1-17. 


Cheng, L., Prasad, M., Michelena, R.J., Tura, A., Akther, S., Angelov, P.V., and Srinivasa, R.N., 2022, "Using rock-physics models to validate rock composition from multimineral log analysis": Geophysics, 87, MR49–MR62.


Michelena, R.J., Gilman, J.R., and Zahm, C.K, 2019, "Seismic, geologic, geomechanics, and dynamic constraints in flow models of unconventional fractured reservoirs: Example from a south Texas field”: The Leading Edge, 38, 116-122.


Michelena, R.J., Godbey, K.S., and Angola, O.G., 2017, “Integrated facies modeling in unconventional reservoirs using a frequentist approach: example from a South Texas field”: Geophysics, 82, B219-B230.


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Lynn, H. and Michelena, R.J., 2011, “Introduction to this special section: Practical applications of anisotropy”: The Leading Edge, 30, 726-730.


Michelena, R.J., Godbey, K.S., and Rodrigues, P.E., 2011, “Facies probabilities from multidimensional crossplots of seismic attributes: Application to tight gas Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado”: The Leading Edge, 30, 62-69.


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