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Petrophysical Multimineral Analysis On-demand

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This comprehensive, on-demand course examines the fundamental principles, assumptions, calibration techniques, and implementation steps necessary for obtaining reliable results in petrophysical multimineral analysis. Participants will unravel the intricacies of the multimineral solution, with a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding and mathematical rigor. Rather than focusing on software training, this course aims to equip learners with the theoretical foundations and practical insights needed to achieve both robust mathematical solutions and meaningful geological interpretations. This class has been taught online since 2020 as part of the SPWLA education series. Course Highlights: * Content: The course is organized into the following sections, comprising over six hours of video material: Introduction Deterministic petrophysics review Introduction to multimineral analysis Calibration data Basic equations Properties of constituents Restrictions or constraints Inverse problem Modeling workflow Regional modeling and hands-on exercise Alternative modeling using AI Closing remarks * Exercises: Participants will also need to allocate additional time for completing exercises. * Assessment: At the conclusion of the course, participants are required to successfully pass a quiz to receive a participation certificate. * Duration: Participants have up to 26 weeks to engage with the course content. * Interaction with the instructor: If needed, instructor is available for a one-on-one brief session with participants to clarify concepts.


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