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Petrophysical Multimineral Analysis


This course explains the basic concepts, assumptions, calibration, and implementation steps needed to obtain reliable results when performing petrophysical multimineral analysis. This training uncovers the mysteries of the multimineral solution. It is centered on explaining the basic concepts, understanding the mathematical uncertainties, and exploring the implementation of the technique to ensure not only a good mathematical solution but also a reasonable, useful geological one. This is not a software training class; it is a conceptual class. For more information and registration, click here​.

Want to take the class at your own pace? Check our on-demand version specifically designed to guide you step by step for a successful completion.

Dr. Patricia Rodrigues

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Prefer to take the class at your own pace? Check our on-demand version


"The class was precisely what I was seeking for in Multi-mineral analysis. Dr. Patricia struck an excellent balance between theoretical insights and practical implementation, given the limited timeframe. This short course is especially beneficial for individuals with limited experience in multi-mineral analysis and those who have treated other software as a black box. It imparts fundamental concepts related to inverse problems and outlines the standard procedural steps for multi-mineral analysis and validation."

Prasad Pothana

“This is an excellent course on petrophysical multimineral analysis theory, workflows, and applications. It is application-agnostic, and the instructor has in-depth knowledge of almost all of the mainstream and best-of-class petrophysical software solutions available in our industry today. The course is very valuable to both beginning multimineral analysis students and more experienced users. I can enthusiastically recommend this course.”

Robin Dommisse, Senior Geomodeling Advisor, University of Texas at Austin

“If you're looking for a way to advance your skills and knowledge, I would highly recommend this course. Not only does it offer practical knowledge that can be applied to your daily work, but the instructor (Patricia) is incredibly knowledgeable and provides valuable insights that make the learning experience truly enriching”

Paulus Allo

Análisis Petrofísico Multimineral
(curso en español)

Este curso explica los conceptos básicos, hipótesis, calibración y pasos necesarios para obtener resultados confiables al realizar un análisis petrofísico multimineral. Este curso revela los misterios de la solución multimineral. Está enfocado en explicar los conceptos básicos, entender las incertidumbres matemáticas y explorar la implementación de la técnica para garantizar no sólo una buena solución matemática sino también una solución geológica razonable y útil. Esta no es una clase de software; es una clase conceptual. Para obtener más información e inscripciones, haga clic aquí.

Dr. Patricia Rodrigues

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