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Regional Petrophysics


Specialized petrophysical services to get the most out of your large log datasets

Our philosophy is to provide geologists and other disciplines with what they need to be successful. Typically, that involves providing robust petrophysical solutions in hundreds of wells that they can use to map and be creative. Our workflows are designed to provide fast solutions in a cost-effective way while preserving geological trends, both during the normalization process and the petrophysical properties estimation.  The iMineralysis tool allows us to generate high-end petrophysical results on a large scale.

Regional petrophysical modeling

Specialized in fast, regional petrophysical property modeling and mapping (fluids and minerals) to create normalized, calibrated regional models using 1000s of wells. Watch this video for more details.

Deep learning for regional petrophysical modeling

Use of AI algorithms for facies classification, pattern recognition, and estimation of missing logs to complement petrophysical analysis in regional settings.

Detailed petrophysical modeling

Complete petrophysical modeling and calibration with independent data. QC of existing results.

Rock physics diagnostics and modeling

Detailed rock physics modeling and analysis of elastic response at log scale from vertical and horizontal wells. Full integration with petrophysical and seismic derived information.

Normalization of regional well log datasets

Fast normalization (or regularization) of large well datasets, considering regional geologic trends for different logs. Watch this video for more details.

Advanced multimineral analysis

Fast multimineral analysis using iMineralysis™ to solve complex mineral compositions, from a few wells at reservoir scale to hundreds of wells at regional scale. Watch this video for more details.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 

Integration of NMR log data to improve the petrophysical model. Analysis and standardization of NMR bin data across different vendors. Calibration of pore size distribution, rock typing and permeability. Analysis of NMR 2D data for fluid typing and fluid saturation estimation. 

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