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SeisPetro provides consulting services in integrated subsurface characterization, We specialize in regional petrophysical modeling with numerous wells, and geological modeling constrained by seismic data. We also constrain our models with geologic, geomechanics, and electromanetic data (CSEM) when available. We offer solutions for conventional and unconventional reservoirs, clastics and carbonates environments, and fluid injection applications (carbon storage - CCUS, chemical injection, and  enhanced oil recovery).
Our philosophy strives in the understanding of fundamental principles to create solutions that can be used in reservoir management and exploration decisions focusing on the solution and not the technique. SeisPetro has the flexibility to offer fully integrated, large-scale subsurface characterization, and simulation projects through its partnership with, Inc.

SeisPetro - Regional Petrophysics

Regional petrophysics

SeisPetro - Fracture Characterization and Modeling

Fracture characterization and modeling

SeisPetro - Lithology Characterization and Modeling

Lithology characterization and modeling


Carbon storage

SeisPetro - Unconventional Optimization

Unconventional optimization

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