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Construction of fractured reservoir models for flow simulation incorporating geology, geophysics, and geomechanics


This course examines datasets from both conventional and unconventional systems and present workflows to construct naturally-fractured reservoir models. Particular attention will be given to the use and calibration of a variety of 3D seismic attributes which are critical to our characterization efforts. The combination of 3D seismic data with sound stratigraphic and structural frameworks provides a more robust fractured reservoir model. Models and concepts are examined in the context of how they impact fluid flow, reservoir simulation results, field production, and forecast. To cover the multidisciplinary aspects of the problem, the course is taught by three instructors experts on the own specialties. For more information, click here

Reinaldo Michelena (geophysics)
Chris Zahm (geology)
James Gilman (flow simulation)

Watch these examples of exercises of the class:

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