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iMineralysis™: Fast, robust, simple petrophysics modeling

What is iMineralysis™? 

iMineralysis™ is a fast, affordable, multimineral petrophysical modeling and optimization tool designed to estimate lithology and fluid compositions in the most complex geological settings of rock and fluid properties. Click here for more details or watch this video.​

iMineralysis™ vs others

iMineralysis™ offers unique capabilities not available in other commonly used commercial applications. Take a look at the list of differences. 


iMineralysis™ is not a black box. For more details about the theory behind it, click here.



Have more questions about the software? Take a look at the frequently asked questions  for more details. 

Free trial

You can download iMineralysis™ for free to try it for 30 days with your own data set or a data set provided by us. The free trial version is virtually identical to the Premium version​.



If you like the results of the test, you can subscribe for one year for premium access to a fully functional application. Here are the terms:

  • Cost: US$ 950/year

  • A quarterly subscription option is also available

  • Access to any upgrades that occur during that period

  • Automatic renewal for one more period (unless you cancel before the period ends)

  • Single user license

  • Email support

Old School Recorder
Tutorial videos

We've made every effort in making iMineralysis™ as friendly as possible for beginners and advanced petrophysicists but sometimes some extra help is needed to make things work. 

Theoretical details

What is petrophysical multimineral analysis? What are the limitations? How can iMineralysis™ help overcome these limitations? Download our SEG Abstract to find out more or check out our training

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