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iMineralysis™ Overview


Specialized petrophysical services for optimal use of large well datasets

iMineralysis™ is a fast, nonlinear petrophysical multimineral analysis tool based on artificial intelligence (genetic algorithm) designed to estimate lithology and fluid compositions in the most complex geological settings of rock and fluid properties. It is the most advanced multimineral solver in the market.

iMineralysis™ not only performs the estimation of mineral fractions, but also intelligently tests hundreds of combinations of end-points within the specified ranges. Basically, it performs the multimineral analysis for thousands of possible cases in seconds! The final result is not only the mineral composition and modeled curves, but also the optimized end-points.

Unique features of iMineralysis™

  • Accelerates the connection from log data to results by testing thousands of models.

  • Uses a genetic algorithm to optimize the coefficients within a given range of values for each one.

  • Allows the estimation of the end-points in areas where the coefficients are uncertain. 

  • Automates the time-consuming, manual trial-and-error process of estimating mineral constants.  

  • The increased speed allows mapping of end-points (e.g., water resistivity, kerogen maturity, clay composition).

  • End-points optimization can be performed for individual wells or groups of wells.

  • Provides estimates of error

  • Option to Incorporate elastic rock physics bounds to constrain the multimineral solution.

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