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Integrated Subsurface Characterization and Modeling


Regional petrophysics

Work with SeisPetro to get the most out of your large log datasets. Our workflows are designed to provide regional consistent solutions in a cost-effective way.

Regional mineralogy from iMineralysis
Natural fractures: from outcrop to models

Fracture characterization and modeling

Work with SeisPetro in the characterization, modeling, and simulation of naturally fractured reservoirs. SeisPetro specializes in integrating geophysics, geology, geomechanics, and reservoir engineering to ensure a robust geological and flow simulation model. Our workflows are tailored to the project objectives, data available, timeline, and budget.

Lithology characterization and modeling

Complete consulting services in lithology characterization and modeling, from quality control of seismic processing to high-resolution geologic models

Seismic constrained facies modeling


The most advanced petrophysical multimineral inversion in the market that relies on artificial intelligence to solve complex lithology and fluid characterization problems.

Results of multimineral analysis from iMineralysis

Petrophysical multimineral analysis


Construction of fractured reservoir models for flow simulation incorporating geology, geophysics and geomechanics


Seismic: from fundamentals to advanced applications and model building

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